BuNg was experimental engine developed by Sam Jansen and Jesse Baker with input from others ar times.

The version described on this page was used for research projects in Waikato University. We also developed it into a hobbyish first person shooter game, and got to the stage of some basic networked play working, before we got busy with other things and left university.

Some features:

An example screenshot is here (Quake3 level) and here (our own level).


The engine was used in a couple of different 3d visualisations as part of the graduate work done by Jesse and Sam in different research groups at Waikato University.

Jesse's work

Jesse uses the BuNg engine as a visualisation tool in his robotics research. More information here.

Sam's work

Sam wrote a network visualisation application that displays flying particles that represent the packets crossing a network link. This software was called BSOD and endured for some years before evolving away from it's base in BuNg.