Scott Raynel

WAND Network Research Group
University of Waikato, New Zealand


smr26 (squigglyatthingie) cs (period) waikato (period) ac (period) nz

About Me

I am a current Ph.D student at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, studying under Assoc. Prof. Tony McGregor with the WAND Network Research Group, part of the Department of Computer Science. I started toward my Ph.D study in 2006 under Dr. Murray Pearson investigating wireless media access control protocols, with a focus on improvments for rural and remote wireless networks. The focus of my thesis changed when Dr. Pearson left the University to start Rural Link Limited, a start-up joint-venture between Waikato University and Rezare Systems Limited to commercialise research in the area of rural networks. I am now studying under Assoc. Prof. Tony McGregor, still in the area of wireless networking with a focus on measurement, in particular the detection and measurement of the hidden terminal problem in 802.11 networks.

Before starting my Ph.D, I graduated with first-class honours in the Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences where I focussed on software development and had a keen interest in networking, especially in the field of wireless technologies. I worked on the Rapid Deploy wireless networking system for my honours project, allowing non-technical users to deploy long-distance multi-hop wireless networks easily. During my undergraduate courses I was a lab demonstrator and when I started post-graduate study I became a Graduate Assistant, tutoring classes in computer systems and architecture, communications, software development and more.

I am currently finishing my Ph.D thesis part-time while working full-time at Rural Link Limited

Last updated: Feb 2011