WITS: Waikato Internet Traffic Storage


The Waikato Internet Traffic Storage project aims to collect and document all the Internet traces that the WAND Group has in their possession. Some of these trace sets are now freely available for researchers to download. We hope to continue releasing other traces in the future.

IMPORTANT: The traces hosted on WITS are hosted on the KAREN research network and can only be downloaded using an IPv6 capable host. You must also be connected to a network that peers with KAREN - most international research networks peer with KAREN. It is possible to browse the WITS site and the FTP archive using IPv4 from other locations but attempts to download the trace files themselves will almost certainly fail (usually after downloading a small part of a file).

If you find that the download links are not working or that you can only download a small portion of a trace before the connection is broken, you are almost certainly trying to access the traces using IPv4.

NEW: Many of the traces hosted on WITS can now be downloaded from the RIPE NCC Internet Measurement Data Repository. You will need to sign up to RIPE Labs and accept terms and conditions prior to download through their site, but IPv6 access via a research network is not required to access the data in the RIPE repository. So, if you are unable to download traces from WITS it may be worth attempting to get them from the RIPE repository.

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2013/10/21: The ISPDSL II traces are now available for download from the WITS FTP site. These traces were taken one year on from the original ISPDSL I capture.

2013/04/29: The ISPDSL I traces are now available for download from the WITS FTP site. These traces are particularly interesting, as this is our first public release of residential DSL traffic.

2013/04/26: The Waikato VIII traces are now available for download from the WITS FTP site.

2011/06/22: The Waikato V traces are now available for download from the WITS FTP site.

2010/07/27: The RIPE NCC Internet Measurement Data Repository is now out of Beta. Many of the WITS traces are available for download from there, so do not hesitate to try the RIPE repository if you are having trouble downloading from the WITS FTP site.

2010/05/21: Added download links for the NZIX-II traces which are now available from both the WITS and RIPE FTP sites.

2010/04/22: Added download links pointing to the RIPE repository to all trace sets that are mirrored there. Check the catalogue for more details on which trace sets are available from the RIPE repository.

2010/04/19: Anonymised versions of the Auckland IX trace set are now available for public download. Be aware, though, that there is a major bug in this trace set that means it is not very useful for TCP analysis. See the webpage for the trace set for more details.

2010/04/09: Many of the WITS datasets are now mirrored on the RIPE NCC Internet Measurement Data Repository, which was presented at PAM 2010. The repository is currently still in beta, but interested users can now sign up and access the mirrored data from the RIPE server. In particular, this will be helpful to people who have previously been unable to access the WITS data due to not being able to connect to KAREN over IPv6.

2010/03/23: Added pages for the IPLS III trace set, which is also known as Abilene III. The traces are also available for download from the FTP server.

2010/03/19: Added pages for the IPLS II trace set, which is also known as Abilene II. The traces are also available for download from the FTP server.

2010/03/17: Added pages for the IPLS I trace set, which is also known as Abilene I. These traces have been available for download from the FTP site for a while now - now there are matching WITS pages for them. Expect IPLS II and III to follow in the near future!

2010/03/15: Added pages for the Auckland IX trace set. It is not available for download at present.

2010/03/12: Added pages for the most recent Auckland capture - Auckland X. Anonymised versions of these traces will hopefully be made available for download in the near future.

2010/01/06: Added pages for a set of traces captured from a New Zealand ISP called Local ISP C-I. Unfortunately, the traces themselves cannot be released to the public as yet.

2009/12/14: Updated pages for Auckland VII and Auckland VIII trace sets to include download links pointing at the WITS FTP site.

2009/12/10: Created pages for the Leipzig I and Leipzig II trace sets that were previously available from the NLANR archive. The traces are also downloadable; links can be found on their respective web pages.

2009/11/13: The Auckland II, Auckland IV and Auckland VI pages have been updated to include links to download them from the WITS FTP site. In addition, the Auckland II traces have been replaced with traces that do not feature the major anonymisation bug that was present in the NLANR releases. We have also anonymised and released traces that were part of the same capture but were never made publicly available.

2009/10/21: Waikato I has been released to the research community for the first time. Follow the download links added to each of the pages for the Waikato I trace set to access the traces.

Processing Traces

We strongly recommend using Libtrace for any processing tasks you might want to perform on the traces in the WITS archive.


If you have any questions, problems or inaccuracies to report in relation to the WITS pages or archive, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@wand.net.nz.