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tracesummary is a libtrace tool that provides some general statistics about a trace.


tracesummary inputuri ...


Summarise the properties of a trace

tracesummary erf:trace.erf.gz


The following filters are applied to the trace:

  • Not IPv4 or IPv6
  • IPv6
  • IPv4
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • ICMP
  • Not TCP, UDP or ICMP
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • SMTP
  • POP3 and POP3S
  • IMAP and IMAPS
  • Port Domain
  • ICMP Echo-Reply

For each filter, a packet and byte count will be displayed along with the overall percentage of packets that matched the filter.


  • Because tracesummary is a wrapper around tracestats, it is subject to the same limitations. See the tracestats page for more details.