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tracesplit_dir is a libtrace tool that splits a trace into two separate traces, one for each direction.


tracesplit_dir inputuri outputuri_incoming outputuri_outgoing


Split a trace based on direction

tracesplit_dir erf:trace.erf.gz erf:trace_in.erf.gz erf:trace_out.erf.gz


  • The trace format for the output traces is not required to be the same as in the input format. In fact, the two output traces can be in different formats as well. For example,
    tracesplit_dir int:eth0 pcapfile:trace_in.pcap.gz erf:trace_out.erf.gz
    will work just fine. Be warned, though, that some format-specific information can be lost when changing the trace format, e.g. pcap format headers have no space to store erf rxerror information.