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     1libtrace comes with a program ({{{traceconvert}}}) that lets you convert from any trace type that libtrace understands, to any trace type libtrace can output.
     3Example usage:
     5  traceconvert legacyatm:auck4-20010220-210122-0.gz pcapfile:auck4-20010220-210122-0.pcap.gz
     8'''Note''': that the {{{pcapfile:}}} output specifier by defaults outputs compressed pcap files (which tcpdump can't natively understand).  Use {{{tcpdump -r <(zcat auck4-20010220-210122-0.pcap.gz)}}} to read these files.
     10== Conversions for common tracesets: ==
     11=== Auckland I ===
     12Libtrace does not currently support the DAG2 trace format.  If you have a need for libtrace to understand the Auckland I or other DAG2 traceset then drop us a note and we'll add support.
     14=== Auckland II ===
     15Available from:
     17  traceconvert legacyatm:auck2-20000125-143640-0.gz pcapfile:auck2-20000125-143640-0.pcap.gz
     20=== Auckland IV ===
     21Available from:
     24  traceconvert legacyatm:auck4-20010220-210122-0.gz pcapfile:auck4-20010220-210122-0.pcap.gz
     27=== Auckland VI ===
     28Available from:
     29There are two types of traces, some are ATM and some are Ethernet.
     30for the traces ending in -0 or -1 use:
     32  traceconvert legacyatm:auck6-0.gz pcapfile:auck6.pcap.gz
     34for the traces ending in -e0 or -e1 use:
     36  traceconvert legacyatm:auck6-e0.gz pcapfile:auck6.pcap.gz
     39=== Auckland VII ===
     40Available from:
     41These traces are an ERF timestamp followed by the first 4 bytes of the ATM header.  These traces contain no IP headers.  Libtrace cannot read these traces at the moment, if you need the ability to read them, then contact us.
     43=== Auckland VIII ===
     44Available from:
     45These traces are in standard ERF format.
     47  traceconvert erf:auck8-20031215-220000.gz pcapfile:auck8-20031215-220000.pcap.gz
     50=== NZIX II ===
     51Available from:
     52These traces are in legacy ethernet format.
     54  traceconvert legacyerf:nzixII-20000710-000000.gz pcapfile:nzixII-20000710-000000.pcap.gz
     57=== Waikato tracesets ===
     58These traces are in standard ERF format
     60  traceconvert erf:waikato1-20050525-000000-0.gz pcapfile:waikato1-20050525-000000-0.pcap.gz