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     3== libtrace 3.0.17 (coming soon!) ==
     5=== New Features ===
     6 * Added functions trace_get_source_address_string and trace_get_destination_address_string that will extract the IP address from a packet and convert it into a string. (r1797)
     7 * Added functions trace_checksum_layer3 and trace_checksum_transport which will calculate the checksum for a given packet. They will also return a pointer to the checksum field in the header so it can be updated, compared, etc. (r1799)
     8 * Added function trace_get_icmp6 and trace_get_payload_from_icmp6, which should make working with ICMPv6 easier. (r1794)
     10=== Bug Fixes ===
     11 * Fixed bug where trace_event was broken for int: inputs. (r1793)
     12 * Fixed error in tracesplit where the input trace would be completely destroyed if a stopping condition was reached. (r1796)
     13 * Fixed error where some of the threading data structures in libwandio were not freed properly. (r1795)
     14 * trace_get_payload_length now correctly handles ICMPv6 packets -- thanks to John Dickinson for reporting this bug and submitting a patch. (r1792)
     15 * Fixed bug where tracereplay was not calculating new TCP or UDP checksums for modified packets correctly. (r1800)
     17=== Improvements ===
     18 * Added examples to examples/tutorial that demonstrate trace_get_transport and trace_get_payload_from_ip. (r1798)
     19 * Better error reporting if libtrace fails to open an output file. (r1789)
     20 * Better error reporting if int: or ring: outputs fail to transmit a packet. (r1790)
     21 * Thanks to the new checksumming code, tracereplay should now update checksums for IPv6 packets. (r1800)
     22 * Libprotoident decoder with ICMP now prints the value of the ICMP checksum. (r1801)
    324== libtrace 3.0.16 (2013-01-03) ==