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     3== libtrace 3.0.13 (coming very soon) ==
     4=== New Features ===
     5 * Libtrace API functions for decoding OSPFv2 packets, including LSA and Router Link decoders (r1735, r1736)
     6 * Libpacketdump decoders for OSPFv2 packets (r1737)
     7 * New API function: trace_interrupt. Calling this function will cause a live capture that is blocking due to waiting on packets to immediately stop. This is useful when running your own signal handler (r1729).
     9=== Bug Fixes ===
     10 * Fixed annoying warnings that were caused by multiple definitions of ERF types when building with DAG support (r1725)
     11 * Fixed bug where pcap interface format would reject a BPF filter when filter was actually legit (r1729)
     12 * Fixed tools that would not respond to Ctrl-C if stuck waiting for packets on a live interface (r1730)
     13 * Fixed bug where trace_get_link_type was not using the cached link type value (r1731)
     14 * Fixed bug in libpacketdump where we were attempting to incorrectly decode IPv6 fragments (r1733)
     15 * Fixed bug introduced in 3.0.12 where the FCS was being incorrectly deducted from the "remaining" value when calling trace_get_payload_from_ip (r1734)
     17=== Improvements ===
     18 * Capture length for pcap packets is now cached when the packet is first read, rather than when trace_get_capture_length is first called (r1726)
     19 * Added a LIBTRACEIO options ("buffers") which can be used to configure the number of IO buffers used for threaded reading. Also bumped default buffer space from 5 MB to 50 MB (r1727).
     20 * Updated pcap interfaces to use pcap_create and pcap_activate APIs in libpcap 1.0 (r1728)
     21 * Optimisations to trace_apply_filter (r1729)
     22 * Optimisations to tracestats (r1730)
     23 * Wire length is now cached for each packet (r1731)
     24 * Trace files created by programs running via sudo now belong to the user who was running sudo rather than root (r1732)
    326== libtrace 3.0.12 (2011-09-12) ==