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Even more changes leading up to 3.0.7


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    55=== New Features ===
    6  * Replaced IO subsystem with wandio abstraction (r1391,r1394,r1395,r1396,r1397,r1398, r1400)
     6 * Replaced IO subsystem with wandio abstraction (r1391,r1394,r1395,r1396,r1397,r1398,r1400)
    77   * IO / compression / decompression is now performed in a separate thread, resulting in improved performance
    88   * Modular design makes it easy to add support for new compression formats
    99 * Added native support for reading and writing bzip files (r1391)
     10 * Added native support for writing lzo files (r1530,r1531,r1534)
     11 * JITing of BPF bytecode using LLVM, leading to faster BPF filtering (r1586,r1588)
    1012 * Added enums for post-IP protocols and Ethertypes (r1386,r1387,r1388,r1389)
    1113 * Write support added for DAG cards - thanks to Daniel Lawson (r1406,r1414,r1418)
    1517 * Added trace_get_timespec() function (r1421)
    1618 * If the format is not specified as part of the URI, libtrace can now attempt to guess the trace format (r1401,r1403)
     19 * Libpacketdump can now decode CHDLC and PPP/HDLC headers (r1538)
    1720 * Added all the code examples from the libtrace tutorial to the examples directory (r1502)
    3336 * Fixed errors caused by 32- and 64-bit incompatibility when sending Linux Native packets using the RT protocol (r1498,r1499)
    3437 * trace_get_*_port() functions now always return 0 for ICMP packets (r1500)
     38 * Fixed problems with decoding HDLC and CHDLC headers (r1536)
     39 * Fixed segfault when reading PCAP packets that had no packet content (r1537)
     40 * Fixed bug where PCAP packets would be written with a larger capture length than the wire length (r1549)
     41 * Fixed segfault in the TCP segment report in tracereport caused by segments larger than 1500 bytes (r1539, r1540)
     42 * Fixed bug with restarting a PCAP trace file (r1574)
     43 * Fixed bugs relating to the size of the TSH packet records (r1577)
     44 * Fixed bug where we were not accounting for the FCS in legacy Ethernet captures (r1581)
     45 * Fixed bug where libpacketdump could not decode Linux SLL properly due to using an "undefined" function (r1583)
    3546 * More fixes for missing #includes (r1425)
    3950 * trace_get_<protocol> short-cut functions now return NULL if the entire header (minus options) is not present in the packet (r1491)
    4051 * Added missing set_capture_length() functionality for Linux Native (r1495)
     52 * traceanon can now write compressed traces (r1550)
     53 * traceanon now replaces checksums with zeroes (r1567)
     54 * traceanon, tracesplit and tracemerge now support all libtrace compression types for output (r1568,r1570,r1571)
     55 * tracereport no longer does the flow report by default (r1551)
     56 * Added support for new ERF types (r1507)
    4157 * Added linktype for Experimental Ethernet (r1497)
    4258 * Added --count option to tracereport (r1427,#248)
    4460 * Added support for ARPHRD_NONE (r1451)
    4561 * Added a libpacketdump decoder for ubiquity headers (r1488)
     62 * Improved libpacketdump's method of searching for decoders (r1584)
    4663 * More efficient arrangement of internal structures (r1442,r1443)
    4764 * Tidied up exported symbols (r1454,r1456)
    48  * General code maintenance (r1404,r1407)
    49  * Tidied up manpages (r1492)
    50  * Improved documentation (r1419,r1420,r1496,r1501)
     65 * General code maintenance (r1404,r1407,r1517)
     66 * Tidied up manpages (r1492,r1569,r1572)
     67 * Improved documentation (r1419,r1420,r1496,r1501,r1506,r1507,r1508,r1509,r1510,r1513,r1515,r1516,r1517,r1518,r1519,r1520,r1521,r1522,r1523,r1524,r1543,r1578)