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01/20/10 10:56:59 (13 years ago)

Updated ChangeLog with all the fixes we've done since the last time I updated it


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    99 * Write support added for DAG cards - thanks to Daniel Lawson (r1406,r1414,r1418)
    1010 * Added new trace tool: tracetop. Shows the top N flows each second (r1408,r1409,r1411,r1412,r1413,r1415,r1416,r1417)
     11 * Added new trace tool: tracereplay. Attempts to replay trace files in trace time (r1460 to r1476)
    1112 * Added trace_get_timespec() function (r1421)
     13 * Fixed bug where packets read from a DAG card that did not match the filter were causing lengthy sleep events under the event API (r1483)
     14 * Fixed various tools that were not reporting the occurrence of a read error (r1486,#270)
    1215 * Fixed segfault caused by malformed URIs (r1393,r1399)
     16 * Fixed bug where reading a zero-length payload from a PCAP trace would result in an EOF being incorrectly reported (r1490)
    1317 * Fixed bug where filtered packet count was not initialised to zero (r1393)
    1418 * If the format is not specified as part of the URI, libtrace can now attempt to guess the trace format (r1401,r1403)
    1822 * Fixed bug where custom pcap event function was not being used (r1422)
    1923 * Fixed misplaced assertion in the pcap file reading code (r1423)
     24 * Added a libpacketdump decoder for ubiquity headers (r1488)
    2025 * Fixed bug where trace_event would never get a packet event under recent versions of libpcap (r1426)
     26 * Fixed assertion failure when an unknown linktype is encountered by libpacketdump (r1459)
     27 * Fixed error caused by LCP packets that are common in some trace sets, e.g. Leipzig (r1482)
    2128 * Added --count option to tracereport (r1427,#248)
     29 * Added --merge-inputs option to tracertstats (r1440)
     30 * Added support for ARPHRD_NONE (r1451)
    2231 * More fixes for missing #includes (r1425)
     32 * More efficient arrangement of internal structures (r1442,r1443)
     33 * Tidied up exported symbols (1454,r1456)
    2334 * General code maintenance (r1404,r1407)
    2435 * Improved documentation (r1419,r1420)