14:48 Changeset [83be9fc]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
* Update version numbers in prepartion for the next release


03:08 Ticket #269 (libtrace needs to split file opening options and compression) created by perry
Current SVN doesn't correctly deal with file opening optinos (eg …


16:47 Ticket #260 (ChangeLog is missing from 3.0.4 tarball) closed by salcock
fixed: Perry decided to remove the ChangeLog a while ago - presumably because …
16:45 Changeset [8365c66]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
* Updated README to not refer to files that do not exist
16:20 Ticket #248 (tracerporet needs to be able to stop) closed by salcock
fixed: --count option now added in r1427, so I think we can close this one
16:19 Changeset [904c639]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
* Added a --count option to tracereport that will stop processing …
15:41 Ticket #245 (traceflow TLC) closed by salcock
fixed: traceflow no longer exists - problem solved!


16:21 Changeset [3fc7948]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Major rewrite of trace_event_device * Replaced FIONREAD ioctl with a …
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