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add link for downloading libtrace (diff)
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mention SDSC I (diff)
15:53 Ticket #243 (format_rt always fails to send close message to server) closed by spa1
fixed: Fixed in r1156
15:39 Changeset [3198df4]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
RT_CLOSE is now sent at the pause stage, rather than at the finish …
15:29 Changeset [509bca2]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Fixed bug where 0 byte sized io_writes would cause the newly-created …
14:39 Ticket #244 (tracesplit segfault) created by spa1
tracesplit segfaults if you don't correctly specify the uri for the …
14:24 Ticket #243 (format_rt always fails to send close message to server) created by smr26
trace_destroy calls pause_input followed by fin_input. In …


14:19 Ticket #242 (Verify (then document) libtrace's threadsafety) created by perry
libtrace should be threadsafe as long as: * A trace object is only …
10:32 ConvertingTracesets edited by perry
Discuss directionality of traces (diff)
10:30 UserDocumentation edited by perry
Hint people that manpages are installed. (diff)


17:28 Changeset [28d81c8]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Fix dangling }
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12:31 WirelessTraces created by smr26
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20:35 Ticket #241 (Online doxygen needs updating) closed by perry
fixed: Updated. :)
19:41 Ticket #241 (Online doxygen needs updating) created by smr26
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14:30 Changeset [634089d]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Bringing a lot of the manpages up to date as well as adding a link to …
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13:48 Changeset [3bfeb7d]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Some tweaks and changes to the SYN option counters and output Fixed …


15:52 Changeset [051618c]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Added a new report type which reports the various option combinations …


15:45 Changeset [b5dc60d]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Josef Vodanovich <jjv4@…>
Lots of minor changes to the reports to make it look a bit nicer and …
13:48 Changeset [4eec8dc]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Josef Vodanovich <jjv4@…>
Updated NLP and ECN reports with Shanes file output format and tidied …
13:21 Changeset [013d3692]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Fixed the lack of a tracertstats manpage, hopefully for good this time …
11:31 Changeset [f7953ac]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Completely re-worked the output of the tcp options report - it now …
10:39 Changeset [2d99bd2]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Removed some hard-coded numbers and generally tidied up the tcp option …


16:49 Changeset [f9b6f64]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Added getopt so that the user can specify which reports they want …
16:06 Changeset [09be643]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Josef Vodanovich <jjv4@…>
removed unnecessary loops
14:39 Changeset [d4336d5]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Updated tracereport to include all the work Josef has done


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16:36 Changeset [c14602f]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
Fixed TCP option length calculation in libpacketdump


19:23 Changeset [deab767f]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
Include man pages in release tarball
14:12 ChangeLog edited by perry
fix ^C (diff)
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Fix formatting (diff)
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11:23 Changeset [5cd3ff3]4.0.1-hotfixescachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivegetfragoffhelplibtrace4ndag_formatpfringrc-4.0.1rc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformanceringtimestampfixes by Perry Lorier <perry@…>
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