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RT needs to allocate packet buffers more intelligently

Reported by: salcock Owned by: salcock
Priority: minor Milestone: libtrace3
Component: libtrace-library Version: 3.0
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Currently, we always allocate the maximum buffer size for each RT packet. Since I've had to increase this value to deal with jumbograms, I've started to get a bit concerned about the amount of memory we're wasting on each packet, given the relative rarity of such large packets (especially given most captures using RT will be snapping the packets first).

What we should be doing is allocating a much smaller amount by default and only increasing it if we observe a packet large enough to require it.

Also, we may still have to deal with RT records that are larger than the current maximum (due to some trickery involving fragmentation being done by the network card *after* some capture methods see the packet), so we may need to do something about that too.

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