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#264 closed defect (fixed)

timestamp conversion problem

Reported by: yuri@… Owned by: perry
Priority: critical Milestone:
Component: libtrace-library Version: 3.0
Keywords: Cc:


In function

uint64_t trace_get_erf_timestamp(const libtrace_packet_t *packet) {

I have these lines:

} else if (packet->trace->format->get_timeval) {

/* timeval -> timestamp */ ts = packet->trace->format->get_timeval(packet); timestamp = ((((uint64_t)ts.tv_sec) << 32) + \

(((uint64_t)ts.tv_usec * UINT_MAX)/1000000));

and these lines do not work. After the pre-processor they expand into:

timestamp = ((((uint64_t)ts.tv_sec) << 32) + (((uint64_t)ts.tv_usec *

(2147483647 * 2U + 1U))/1000000));

And the expression (2147483647 * 2U + 1U) evaluates into a signed integer -1 which produces wrong results:

(gdb) p ts

$89 = {tv_sec = 1159894600, tv_usec = 846404}

(gdb) p timestamp

$94 = 4981727820551075308

I'm using glibc-headers-2.7-2, gcc-4.1.2-33, kernel, libtrace-3.0.4.

I think this is pretty serious. I'm not sure why UINT_MAX gets expanded into a signed constant, which is probably a bug in itself, but using this constant here seems wrong anyway, because we know exactly how many bits we have. Besides, 1000000us should be equal to 1s, so I suggest changing this conversion to:

timestamp = ((((uint64_t)ts.tv_sec) << 32) + \

(((uint64_t)ts.tv_usec << 32) /1000000));

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comment:1 Changed 14 years ago by perry

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Hrm, how odd. UINT_MAX on your machine appears to expand to (2147483647 * 2U + 1U) where as on our machines it expands to 4294967295U which is unsigned.

The original code was written that way to be consistent with the conversion from floating point seconds, where a bitshift of a floating point number doesn't work.

Your fix is commited in r1357.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by NicaTolcalt

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