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#21 fixed tracemerge cannot write erf files when using -i from pcap input perry matt@…

When using the -i option in conjunction with a PCAP input trace and ERF output traces an error occurs as shown below.

matt@argon:~$ tracemerge -i erf:new.erf pcap:out.pcap pcap:in.pcap
trace_write_packet((null)): No erf type for packet

The problem occurs because when trace_set_direction is set on a packet read from a pcap trace the packet is promoted to the LINUX_SLL type. This type is not handled by the erf output routines, libtrace_to_erf_type in linktypes.c particularly, leading to the error shown above.

#22 fixed Buy air bed perry matt@…

The *.protocol files in libpacketdump are removed when make clean is run. This prevents them from being included in the distribution tarball generated by make dist.

I'm assuming these files are meant to be included given that a make install from the working directory installs them.

#56 fixed Buy air bed perry tyo@…

static uint32_t swapl(libtrace_t *libtrace, uint32_t num) {

/* to deal with open_dead traces that might try and use this

  • if we don't have any per trace data, assume host byte order */

if (!DATA(libtrace))

return num;

if (DATA(libtrace)->header.magic_number == 0xd4c3b2a1)




return num;


Surely that should be bitwise or.

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