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#276 fixed rijndael.c makes gcc 4.4 very sad salcock salcock

We do a crapload of nasty-looking casting in rijndael.c between uint8_t * and uint32_t *.

This tends to make new gcc's strict-aliasing warning go nuts, but actually fixing this is going to be more than a little tricky. Not just in terms of replacing the casts, but doing so in a way that won't actually break the code.

For example, it's not enough to do most of the casts once at the start of the function, because the pointer that they were cast from often gets incremented during the function. As a result, you need to redo the cast.

For now, I've disabled that warning for the traceanon tool. This is far from ideal, but hopefully this is just a case of gcc being whiny. At some point, though, the casting should be fixed and the warning re-instated.

#292 fixed Investigate threading issue in libtrace IO salcock salcock

If the change in r1681 is reverted, libtrace can segfault when reading traces on certain systems.

This appears to be due to a threading issue where the value of the len parameter passed into thread_read() is changed by another thread. This is in spite of the parameter being passed in by value rather than reference, as gcc appears to be optimising this parameter into a pass by reference. Disabling optimisations will prevent the problem from occurring.

The solution in r1681 is only treating the symptom, not the actual problem, so it would be good if we can find the point where the other thread touches something it shouldn't and put a mutex around it.

I've been able to replicate this on an Ubuntu 9.10 box using gcc 4.4.1 (for WAND folks, this is laptop "druid").

#310 fixed build broken by changeset 1701 salcock Matt Brown

libtrace no longer compiles from source following changeset 1701 as it cannot find the libtrace library while compiling libpktdump


/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ltrace collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make[3]: * [] Error 1 make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/matt/libtrace-3.0.10/libpacketdump' make[2]: * [all] Error 2 make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/matt/libtrace-3.0.10/libpacketdump' make[1]: * [all-recursive] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/matt/libtrace-3.0.10' make: * [all] Error 2

Please find a patch attached that should fix this.

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