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#21 fixed tracemerge cannot write erf files when using -i from pcap input perry matt@…

When using the -i option in conjunction with a PCAP input trace and ERF output traces an error occurs as shown below.

matt@argon:~$ tracemerge -i erf:new.erf pcap:out.pcap pcap:in.pcap
trace_write_packet((null)): No erf type for packet

The problem occurs because when trace_set_direction is set on a packet read from a pcap trace the packet is promoted to the LINUX_SLL type. This type is not handled by the erf output routines, libtrace_to_erf_type in linktypes.c particularly, leading to the error shown above.

#293 fixed tracereplay is missing a manpage perry libtrace@…

matt@neon:~/libtrace-3.0.8$ ls tools/tracereplay/ tracereplay.c

There is no manpage available for tracereplay.

This makes Debian sad ;(

#247 fixed tracereport needs some attention perry smr26

On Mac OS X 10.4.9 Intel,

dhcp-236:~/bin scottr$ ls -alh tracereport     
-rwxr-xr-x   1 scottr  scottr       768M Mar 29 10:48 tracereport
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