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#263 fixed trace_get_layer2() doesn't always return layer2 perry smr26

trace_get_layer2() will return the previous metadata header if a layer2 header isn't found. This seems non-obvious and caused me some grief, although admittedly I wasn't checking the returned linktype. Madwifi monitor mode will pass through packets with only a Radiotap header and no payload, presumably when none of the frame could be decoded. Maybe get_layer2() should return NULL in this case.

#65 fixed Add Radiotap support to libtrace perry smr26@…

Adds initial support for Radiotap traces to libtrace. It introduces a new trace type, TRACE_TYPE_80211_RADIO and functions to access the various fields in a radiotap header. The radiotap header can be skipped by using the new function get_payload_from_radiotap which returns the 802.11 header below it. Also implemented is a get_payload_from_prism, which does the same thing for prism monitoring headers.

#15 worksforme Buy air bed perry spa1

Linux native interfaces don't work when using the event framework. select() seems to timeout even though there should be data available to read on the input file descriptor.

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