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#245 fixed traceflow TLC spa1 spa1

Prior to the next libtrace release (which would be 3.0.2), traceflow is going to need some tidying up.

Things that are obviously required:

  • A manpage
  • A far better usage statement than the one I put in a placeholder
  • The ability to filter packets
  • Update documentation on the wiki
  • Make it more IPv6 friendly
#263 fixed trace_get_layer2() doesn't always return layer2 perry smr26

trace_get_layer2() will return the previous metadata header if a layer2 header isn't found. This seems non-obvious and caused me some grief, although admittedly I wasn't checking the returned linktype. Madwifi monitor mode will pass through packets with only a Radiotap header and no payload, presumably when none of the frame could be decoded. Maybe get_layer2() should return NULL in this case.

#253 fixed trace_get_source_mac returns destination_mac perry anonymous

There is an error in trace_get_source_mac. (Propably a copy-paste-error). In the case TRACE_TYPE_80211_RADIOTAP the return is wifi->mac1 but should be wifi->mac2

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