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#270 fixed Tools do not report errors that occur during trace_read_packet() perry salcock

Some of the tools do not call trace_is_err() / trace_perror() after falling out of the trace_read_packet() loop. As a result, any I/O errors that occur during the reading of the trace are essentially ignored, which is a "bad thing".

Tools that appear to need fixing:

  • tracemerge (this one calls regular perror())
  • tracereplay
  • tracertstats
  • tracestats
#228 fixed trace_create() not working in libtrace application perry tyo@…

Calling trace_create() initialises libtrace properly by internally calling trace_init() trace_create_dead() doesn't however.

#238 fixed trace_event() not return complete packet perry yww4

In my application, I passed an empty packet which is created by calling trace_create_packet() to the trace_event() function, for reading the packet and catching the trace events. But there is error output after I use packet in other libtrace function says "Don't understand link layer type -1 in trace_get_payload_from_link()". After I run the application over the gdb, found out that packet returned by trace_event() is not a complete packet.

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