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#276 fixed rijndael.c makes gcc 4.4 very sad salcock salcock

We do a crapload of nasty-looking casting in rijndael.c between uint8_t * and uint32_t *.

This tends to make new gcc's strict-aliasing warning go nuts, but actually fixing this is going to be more than a little tricky. Not just in terms of replacing the casts, but doing so in a way that won't actually break the code.

For example, it's not enough to do most of the casts once at the start of the function, because the pointer that they were cast from often gets incremented during the function. As a result, you need to redo the cast.

For now, I've disabled that warning for the traceanon tool. This is far from ideal, but hopefully this is just a case of gcc being whiny. At some point, though, the casting should be fixed and the warning re-instated.

#258 fixed segfault perry richardn@…

Tracesplit shouldn't segfault if it can't write out a format tracesplit -c 100 -m 1 legacypos:IPLS-KSCY-20020814-092000-0.pcap.gz legacypos:abilene.short.gz legacypos:abilene.short.gz(abilene.short.gz): Format does not support writing (legacypos) Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I haven't checked if the other tools do this.

#322 fixed Shift overflow salcock kaiux

Build a simple code with clang gives the following warning:

/usr/local/include/libtrace.h:376:22: warning: signed shift result (0x100000000) requires 34 bits to represent, but 'int' only has 32 bits


TRACE_RT_LAST = (2<<31)


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