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#261 fixed Problems with Abilene 1 data perry singhal@…

Hi I understand that Abilene 1 data is legacy Packet over Sonet format. However when I try to view it using tracedump I get unknown protocol for all packets. Do I need any special libraries to be able to read Abilene 1 data ? Thanks Harsh

#235 fixed Python extension does not build perry anonymous

There seems to be some breakage in the build system.

./configure: line 26507: H: command not found
configure: Building swig bindings for: python

The Makefile in the swig/ directory doesn't cause anything to be built.

[17:43] <Cuchulain> I also make no guarantees as to whether the python 
bindings export everything you want :)
[17:44] <mattb> I don't want to use them
[17:44] <mattb> I just want to package them :)
[17:44] <Cuchulain> hrm
[17:44] <Cuchulain> i'm not even sure that's wise :)
[18:09] <Cuchulain> mattb: had a quick look. r904 of worked 
as far as actually building it is concerned, because it worked when I 
submitted it. It still had hardcoded include paths and so on, but it 
actually worked. Stuff got removed in r974, and i think that's probably 
when it stopped working properly.
[18:31] <mattb> ok
[18:32] <mattb> I'll leave it up to perry to decide whether to fix before 
release or not
#304 fixed Resolve unresolved symbols in libpacketdump perry matt@…

libpacketdump uses symbols from libtrace but does not link against it. This results in fragility as it relies on the application using libpacketdump linking against libtrace itself to pull in the required symbols. This is evidenced in the Debian package dependencies, libpacketdump does not currently depend on libtrace...

Please link libpacketdump against libtrace explicitly so that all required symbols for libtrace are resolved.

This is upstream bug reported in Debian.

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