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#269 fixed libtrace needs to split file opening options and compression perry perry

Current SVN doesn't correctly deal with file opening optinos (eg O_APPEND) and file compression options (which compression format to use (bzip, gzip) and compression level).

A new LIBTRACE_CONFIG_OUT_COMPRESS should be created. And wandio.c needs to be updated to pass the opening flags to io{r,w}-stdio

#257 fixed Abilene 1 DLT support perry richardn@…

need to add support for the ppp dlt used in the Abilene 1 traceset from

Wireshark calls this format Cisco HDLC. TCPdump doesn't support it.

#258 fixed segfault perry richardn@…

Tracesplit shouldn't segfault if it can't write out a format tracesplit -c 100 -m 1 legacypos:IPLS-KSCY-20020814-092000-0.pcap.gz legacypos:abilene.short.gz legacypos:abilene.short.gz(abilene.short.gz): Format does not support writing (legacypos) Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I haven't checked if the other tools do this.

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