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#335 fixed Fix RT export of native format packets salcock salcock

Need to think a bit more about the availability of the various format prepare_packet functions, especially for formats that we compile conditionally.

For example, imagine a setup where a monitor is capturing using int: on a Linux machine and exporting over RT to a BSD client. The BSD client will not be able to decode the packets correctly because format_linux.c will not have been built - so it can't create a dummy int: trace or call trace_prepare_packet using it.

Instead, we need to consider re-aligning the conditional compilation to at least build a barebones version of the format that includes all the packet parsing and preparation functions but not init, read, write etc.

Not a huge priority, because we're not likely to need this anytime soon but is a bit of a major oversight...

#322 fixed Shift overflow salcock kaiux

Build a simple code with clang gives the following warning:

/usr/local/include/libtrace.h:376:22: warning: signed shift result (0x100000000) requires 34 bits to represent, but 'int' only has 32 bits


TRACE_RT_LAST = (2<<31)


#316 fixed compiling against recent dag releases salcock stew@…

Tried to build the latest release today. I have very recent DAG userspace and drivers installed -- version 4.2.0

# dagconfig -V dagconfig (DAG 4.2.0) $Revision: 14049 $

Please see the attached text file with output from configure and make.

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