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#241 fixed Online doxygen needs updating perry smr26
Description needs updating since we have added the trace_get_wireless stuff.

#243 fixed format_rt always fails to send close message to server perry smr26

trace_destroy calls pause_input followed by fin_input.

In format_rt.c, rt_pause_input closes input_fd, and then rt_fin_input tries to write the close message to it, which fails. This causes the wdcap server to think there are still clients connected and eventually leads to it using 100% cpu usage, which isn't nice on a soekris, especially when the client re-connects later.

#244 fixed tracesplit segfault perry spa1

tracesplit segfaults if you don't correctly specify the uri for the output trace e.g. if you leave off the erf: part of the uri.

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