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#258 fixed segfault perry richardn@…

Tracesplit shouldn't segfault if it can't write out a format tracesplit -c 100 -m 1 legacypos:IPLS-KSCY-20020814-092000-0.pcap.gz legacypos:abilene.short.gz legacypos:abilene.short.gz(abilene.short.gz): Format does not support writing (legacypos) Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I haven't checked if the other tools do this.

#259 fixed Verify that we don't use assert() in places where we could use trace_set_err() perry perry

Make sure that we use trace_set_err() where ever possible instead of assert() for failures so that bindings can easily turn these issues into exceptions.

#260 fixed ChangeLog is missing from 3.0.4 tarball perry matt@…

The 3.0.3 libtrace tarball shipped with a ChangeLog file that was handy for installing in /usr/share/docs/libtrace under Debian. This file is missing from the 3.0.4 tarball. Is this an ommission or an intended removal?

In either case, you should updated the README file which says that a list of changes can be found in the CHANGES file, which has never existed afaik.

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