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#237 fixed unknown Linux ARPHRD type 0x0308 perry yww4

Using traceconvert to capture IPv6 traffic from interface sit0, (sudo traceconvert int:sit1 erf:./test.erf), returns unknown header message.

Full screen output:

sudo traceconvert int:sit1 erf:./test.erf unknown Linux ARPHRD type 0x0308 unknown Linux ARPHRD type 0x0308 unknown Linux ARPHRD type 0x0308 unknown Linux ARPHRD type 0x0308 write_packet(./test.erf): No erf type for packet (-1)

#238 fixed trace_event() not return complete packet perry yww4

In my application, I passed an empty packet which is created by calling trace_create_packet() to the trace_event() function, for reading the packet and catching the trace events. But there is error output after I use packet in other libtrace function says "Don't understand link layer type -1 in trace_get_payload_from_link()". After I run the application over the gdb, found out that packet returned by trace_event() is not a complete packet.

#240 fixed need TRACE_OPTION_TRACETIME perry perry

We need an option to enable/disable playback in tracetime/realtime for trace_event() and trace_read_packet().

Trace_read_packet() should default to realtime (ie as fast as possible) trace_event() should default to tracetime (ie 1s in realtime == 1s in tracetime).

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