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#254 fixed Make sure the tools cleanup properly on ^C perry perry

the tools generally don't flush the compressed file to disk on C and thus cause incomplete packets to get written to the file. This needs to be fixed.

#256 fixed Start to clean up API around trace_get_link(), etc. perry smr26

This patch is a start towards deprecating the trace_get_link() function. It provides a trace_get_layer2() as well as functions for stepping over "metadata headers" such as radiotap. It provides a trace_get_packet_buffer() function which does a similar job to trace_get_link().

#257 fixed Abilene 1 DLT support perry richardn@…

need to add support for the ppp dlt used in the Abilene 1 traceset from

Wireshark calls this format Cisco HDLC. TCPdump doesn't support it.

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