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#263 fixed trace_get_layer2() doesn't always return layer2 perry smr26

trace_get_layer2() will return the previous metadata header if a layer2 header isn't found. This seems non-obvious and caused me some grief, although admittedly I wasn't checking the returned linktype. Madwifi monitor mode will pass through packets with only a Radiotap header and no payload, presumably when none of the frame could be decoded. Maybe get_layer2() should return NULL in this case.

#261 fixed Problems with Abilene 1 data perry singhal@…

Hi I understand that Abilene 1 data is legacy Packet over Sonet format. However when I try to view it using tracedump I get unknown protocol for all packets. Do I need any special libraries to be able to read Abilene 1 data ? Thanks Harsh

#260 fixed ChangeLog is missing from 3.0.4 tarball perry matt@…

The 3.0.3 libtrace tarball shipped with a ChangeLog file that was handy for installing in /usr/share/docs/libtrace under Debian. This file is missing from the 3.0.4 tarball. Is this an ommission or an intended removal?

In either case, you should updated the README file which says that a list of changes can be found in the CHANGES file, which has never existed afaik.

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