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#234 invalid huy perry anonymous


#235 fixed Python extension does not build perry anonymous

There seems to be some breakage in the build system.

./configure: line 26507: H: command not found
configure: Building swig bindings for: python

The Makefile in the swig/ directory doesn't cause anything to be built.

[17:43] <Cuchulain> I also make no guarantees as to whether the python 
bindings export everything you want :)
[17:44] <mattb> I don't want to use them
[17:44] <mattb> I just want to package them :)
[17:44] <Cuchulain> hrm
[17:44] <Cuchulain> i'm not even sure that's wise :)
[18:09] <Cuchulain> mattb: had a quick look. r904 of worked 
as far as actually building it is concerned, because it worked when I 
submitted it. It still had hardcoded include paths and so on, but it 
actually worked. Stuff got removed in r974, and i think that's probably 
when it stopped working properly.
[18:31] <mattb> ok
[18:32] <mattb> I'll leave it up to perry to decide whether to fix before 
release or not
#253 fixed trace_get_source_mac returns destination_mac perry anonymous

There is an error in trace_get_source_mac. (Propably a copy-paste-error). In the case TRACE_TYPE_80211_RADIOTAP the return is wifi->mac1 but should be wifi->mac2

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