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#239 int: format can't read from openvpn tunnels new perry defect libtrace3 libtrace-library
#265 pcapint: does not set IF promiscuous on OpenBSD new perry defect libtrace3 libtrace-library
#271 RT needs to allocate packet buffers more intelligently new salcock defect libtrace3 libtrace-library
#275 libpacketdump does not parse IP options new perry defect libtrace-library
#277 tracetop needs strict-aliasing fixes new salcock defect libtrace3 tools
#278 Libtrace doesn't pass many tests on OpenSolaris new salcock defect libtrace3 tests
#30 tracesplit should be able to split by tcp connection new perry enhancement libtrace3 tools
#48 SWIG assigned perry enhancement libtrace3 libtrace-library
#232 Support input from iptables / ULOG new perry enhancement libtrace3 libtrace-library
#242 Verify (then document) libtrace's threadsafety new perry enhancement documentation
#249 Implement attributes from Dean Pemberton's pcapstats program in tracereport(1) new perry enhancement tools
#250 suggestion for naming the files that tracereport generated new perry enhancement tools
#288 Investigate making directread and directwrite work new salcock enhancement libtrace3 libtrace-library
#337 Add support for fragmentation to tracereplay new salcock enhancement libtrace3 tools
#367 tracereport should allow output to stdout new salcock enhancement tools
#255 Ensure DUCK code works properly with DAG 3.X drivers new perry task libtrace3 libtrace-library
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