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(edit) @5cdb37d   2 years noreply Merge pull request #101 from jacobvw/meta-api Meta API develop
(edit) @4e5a51f   2 years jcv9 Structs mapped directly to a packet/file are now packed. Replaced … develop
(edit) @0cc91ee   2 years jcv9 Meta-API - Keep ip4 address in network byte order, Cleanup bits and pieces develop
(edit) @254c926   2 years jcv9 Cleanup some duplicate code, Added datatype/option_name for … develop
(edit) @d0f25d4   2 years jcv9 Add ERF and PCAPNG decoders to libpacketdump develop
(edit) @b27ed21   2 years jcv9 Add datatype enum to libtrace_meta_item_t structure, Convert interface … develop
(edit) @66ffac4   2 years jcv9 Add more meta functions, cleanup function names, DLLEXPORT all … develop
(edit) @d4eed70   2 years jcv9 Add config option TRACE_OPTION_DISCARD_META develop
(edit) @ef5ba20   2 years jcv9 add abilty to get custom option from meta packets, add abilty to get … develop
(edit) @063d5dd   2 years salcock pcapng: don't try to read section headers that are bigger than our … develop
(edit) @7aa03d9   2 years jcv9 Check for NULL packet buffer in get_meta_data(), Make sure not to read … develop
(edit) @15f32cb   2 years salcock Fix potential buffer overflow in pcapng: Fixes #95. develop
(edit) @e7132d6   2 years jcv9 improvements to meta-api develop
(edit) @977e0db   2 years jcv9 Add meta api for erf and pcapng meta packets develop
(edit) @d83006c   2 years salcock Fix bad use of logical ORs in format_pcapng.c develop
(edit) @9a792a9   2 years salcock Disable unused pcapng parsing functions. This is mainly to suppress … develop
(edit) @4854e88   2 years salcock Don't return uninitialised timevals / timespecs on error Bug was … develop
(edit) @fce4572   2 years salcock Add more failure cases to "can_write" functions for some formats. … develop
(edit) @f47025d   2 years jcv9 Improve options/custom options byteswapping develop
(edit) @3dc6ed6   2 years jcv9 Add functions to byteswap each packet type of pcapng develop
(edit) @aceeda6   2 years jcv9 Add some checks to prevent segfaults with dead traces develop
(edit) @b39eaee   2 years jcv9 cleanup some code and handle some cases where fields need to be byteswapped develop
(edit) @9a6bdbc   2 years jcv9 Added can_write functions to each output format, Fixed … develop
(edit) @979ab1a0   2 years jcv9 Remove debugging message develop
(edit) @ca01854   2 years jcv9 Make sure lastdlt is initialised develop
(edit) @ebd6275   2 years jcv9 pcapng do not try to write unknown and meta packets, cleanup the code develop
(edit) @d9ca546   2 years jcv9 Add write support for pcapng develop
(edit) @d439067   3 years salcock Move packet cached fields into a distinct structure. This will help … develop
(edit) @509ee47   3 years salcock Add option to allow users to specify a constant ERF framing length. … develop
(edit) @2193905   3 years jcv9 Apply changes required for pull request #81 develop
(edit) @f6f3ae5   3 years jcv9 Assertion cleanup develop
(edit) @25a3255   3 years jcv9 More assertion cleanup develop
(edit) @2725318   3 years jcv9 Cleanup some of the assertions develop
(edit) @e9da777   3 years rsanger Refactor pcapng to read an entire block when possible Remove much of … cachetimestampsdeveloprc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
(edit) @fc6def2   3 years rsanger Zero newly created pcapng interface pointers As we iterate through … cachetimestampsdeveloprc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
(edit) @e17bad6   3 years rsanger Fix some obvious copy paste errors in pcapng cachetimestampsdeveloprc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
(edit) @c171463   3 years rsanger Fixes pcapng bug where pcapng_parse_next_option would read invalid … cachetimestampsdeveloprc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
(edit) @7bb2fd4   3 years rsanger Fix incorrect sizeof()'s checks in pcapng Fix sizeof()'s which were … cachetimestampsdeveloprc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
(edit) @32ee9b2   3 years salcock Add new trace_flush_output() to public API Can be used to force a … cachetimestampsdeveloprc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
(edit) @9845e97   3 years salcock Fix bad timestamp conversion for pcapng packets. Integer division … cachetimestampsdevelopetsiliverc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
(edit) @cc9c9de   3 years salcock Add new config option for trace_event() -- REPLAY_SPEEDUP This allows … cachetimestampsdevelopetsiliverc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
(edit) @2c457ec   4 years razeh Add TRACE_ERR_WANDIO_FAILED for wandio error reporting. Passing an … cachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsiliverc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
(add) @ed5b2ce   4 years salcock Add support for reading pcapng traces Also added special macro: … cachetimestampsdevelopdpdk-ndagetsilivendag_formatrc-4.0.2rc-4.0.3rc-4.0.4ringdecrementfixringperformance
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