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09/20/06 16:42:52 (15 years ago)
Shane Alcock <salcock@…>
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trace_get_vlan_payload_from_ethernet is now available to libtrace users.
Fixed error where erf wire length was having padding subtracted from it - wire length doesn't include padding.
erf can also attach padding to the end of packets - get_capture_length now returns the minimum of the record length - padding and the wire length.
Added support for RT_LOSTCONN - also other zero sized rt packets shouldn't cause TRACE_EVENT_TERMINATE anymore
rt header information is no longer stored statically when doing a non-blocking read
The packet->buffer for rt packets is now regarded as external, so now trace_destroy_packet shouldn't cause a segfault

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    r755e794 rbad6a93  
    872872                uint16_t *type, uint32_t *remaining);
     874/** Skips over any 802.1q headers, if present.
     875 * @param ethernet      A pointer to the payload following an ethernet header -usually the result of calling trace_get_payload_from_link
     876 * @param[in,out] type  The ethernet type, replaced with the vlan ether type
     877 * @param[in,out] remaining Updated with the number of bytes remaining
     878 *
     879 * @return a pointer to the header beyond the vlan header, if present.
     880 * Otherwise, returns the ethernet payload that was passed in
     881 *
     882 * Remaining may be NULL. If Remaining is not NULL it must point to the number
     883 * of bytes captured past (but not including) the link layer. It will be
     884 * updated after this function to the number of bytes remaining after the
     885 * vlan header. If it is unchanged then no vlan header exists.
     886 *
     887 * Type must point to the value of the ethernet type. Libtrace will assert
     888 * fail if type is NULL.
     889 *
     890 */
     891DLLEXPORT void *trace_get_vlan_payload_from_ethernet_payload(
     892                void *ethernet_payload, uint16_t *type, uint32_t *remaining);
    874894/** Gets a pointer to the payload given a pointer to a tcp header
    875895 * @param tcp           The tcp Header
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