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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
debian 729bed4   22 months salcock Force gzip compression over .xz compression for debian packages …
docs 2d7da92   14 years brendonj Started writing some documentation about how to create custom decoders …
examples edd0448   22 months salcock Rename global variables in stats example The names are too short and …
Intel DPDK Patches 2138553   7 years rjs51 Updates the dpdk build system to support the lastest DPDK libraries …
lib e9fe6ac   22 months salcock Use a #defined constant for SLL header size
libpacketdump be1b03a   22 months salcock Fix header files that are missing header guards
m4 4007dbb   5 years rsangerarj Updates the new interface to be more complete This should work around …
swig afd283a   14 years perry Add get_wire_length()
test ec19a99   22 months salcock Add test case for trace_get_wire_length() Given that there is often …
tools ab3ddbe   22 months salcock Rename global variable "key" to "enc_key" This makes LGTM happy.
.gitignore 2.2 KB 21c7681   3 years salcock Add .dSYM directories for test exes to gitignore
.gitlab-ci.yml 2.2 KB eeea305   22 months salcock Fix typo in image name for upload stage
AUTHORS 2.3 KB c79c7fd   23 months salcock Make sure we acknowledge Jacob's work 1.5 KB 40c87be   22 months salcock Change our bintray repo for libtrace to wand/libtrace 499 bytes 189f5c6   11 years perry Prefer automake 1.11 if available 23.0 KB 95ba467   22 months salcock Make sure -lpthread is used when linking
COPYING 34.3 KB 756b8f9   4 years salcock Replace COPYING files with ones needed for LGPL
COPYING.LESSER 7.5 KB 756b8f9   4 years salcock Replace COPYING files with ones needed for LGPL 770 bytes dd48bb5   2 years brad Add debian packaging.
INSTALL 1.7 KB bbe691b   2 years salcock Update references to libwandio to refer to v4.0.0 Also add missing … 741 bytes 99be155   4 years salcock Don't try to distribute files that don't exist anymore
README 1.7 KB 91600c7   22 months salcock Bump version number to 4.0.6
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