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Some of tracesummary's bpf filters were incorrect - however the new correct filters don't work so well with the output format so that will need fixing at some point
Improved error reporting for bpf filters
tracestats will now ignore a filter that fails and print a single warning. It also no longer increments the counter for filters that fail.

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3if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
4        echo usage: $0 inputuri...
7exec tracestats
8                # XXX: Fix the formatting for these filters
9                --filter 'not ether proto \ip and not ether proto 0x86dd' \
10                --filter 'ether proto 0x86dd' \
11                --filter 'ether proto \ip' \
12                --filter tcp \
13                --filter udp \
14                --filter icmp \
15                --filter 'not (tcp or udp or icmp)' \
16                --filter 'tcp and port http or https' \
17                --filter 'tcp and port smtp' \
18                --filter 'tcp and port pop3 or pop3s' \
19                --filter 'tcp and port imap or imaps' \
20                --filter 'port domain' \
21                --filter 'icmp[icmptype]=icmp-echoreply' \
22                $@
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