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Last change on this file since e2b0232 was 4e65f42, checked in by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>, 16 years ago

Fixed segmentation faults when trace_destroy is called on a trace that wasn't successfully created
libdl is now checked for and only linked against if available (BSD's don't have a libdl)
Fixed the libpacketdump .so's to use libtrace's generic protocol headers as well as trace_ether_ntoa
Added missing check for strlcpy
Added a couple of #defines to various tools that needed them under FreeBSD
Removed some needless #includes from the libpacketdump .so's

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1bin_PROGRAMS = tracedump
2man_MANS = tracedump.1
5include ../
6tracedump_SOURCES =
7tracedump_LDADD = -ltrace -lpacketdump 
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