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Update test suite for pcapng

Also added a new test for set_capture_length(). Setting the caplen
for pcapng is a bit more complicated than most formats, so I
needed a test for that format anyway. Figured I may as well add
tests for some of the other truncatable formats as well.

I've also added a 'complex.pcapng' test trace -- I haven't written
any tests that use it but it is useful for checking if you can
still read the full variety of pcapng records.

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[1e52a3c]6INCLUDE = -I$(PREFIX)/lib -I$(PREFIX)/libpacketdump
[df668eb]7CFLAGS = -Wall -Wimplicit -Wformat -W -pedantic -pipe -g -O2 -std=gnu99 -pthread \
[06b2bcf]9CFLAGS += $(INCLUDE)
[33fead9]10libdir = $(PREFIX)/lib/.libs:$(PREFIX)/libpacketdump/.libs
[3fc3267]11LDLIBS = -L$(PREFIX)/lib/.libs -L$(PREFIX)/libpacketdump/.libs -ltrace -lpacketdump
[59ef093]13BINS_DATASTRUCT = test-datastruct-vector test-datastruct-deque \
14        test-datastruct-ringbuffer
15BINS_PARALLEL = test-format-parallel test-format-parallel-hasher \
16        test-format-parallel-singlethreaded test-format-parallel-stressthreads \
[6c84681]17        test-format-parallel-singlethreaded-hasher test-format-parallel-reporter test-tracetime-parallel
[fdc7502]19BINS = test-pcap-bpf test-event test-time test-dir test-wireless test-errors \
[3fc3267]20        test-plen test-autodetect test-ports test-fragment test-live \
[568a341]21        test-live-snaplen test-vxlan test-setcaplen $(BINS_DATASTRUCT) $(BINS_PARALLEL)
[5b91b48]23.PHONY: all clean distclean install depend test
[59ef093]25all: $(BINS) test-drops test-format test-decode test-decode2 test-write test-convert test-convert2
[59ef093]28        $(RM) $(BINS) $(OBJS) test-format test-decode test-convert \
[573ea8e]29        test-decode2 test-write test-drops test-convert2
[59ef093]32        $(RM) $(BINS) $(OBJS) test-format test-decode test-convert test-drops test-convert2
35        @true
37# vim: noet ts=8 sw=8
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