source: lib @ c2f39fb

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
fifo.h 2.1 KB a79ddbe   18 years dlawson added license information
common.h 235 bytes 6ad8afc   18 years dlawson adding common.h
Makefile.orig 1.3 KB 0d18577   18 years dlawson adding original makefile in for reference
wag.h 1.9 KB 6e60e50   18 years dlawson test for stdint properly fixes in wag.h
dagformat.h 1.5 KB 299e9a0   18 years dlawson setting the packed attribute on some datastructures to fix AMD64 …
fifo.c 8.8 KB 23c13e8   18 years dlawson change use of stdint.h for inttypes.h
pcap_open_dead.c 486 bytes 808a478   17 years dlawson Ported to OpenBSD Changes were mostly with header changes, although …
libtrace.h 17.1 KB a6badc2   17 years perry Added PFLOG (obsd/fbsd) support for phil murray
strndup.c 535 bytes 8d1956e   17 years dlawson typo in conditional in strndup.c typos in trace.c 354 bytes d2d527f   17 years dlawson bump to 2.0.18 internal gzip decompression routine
trace.c 53.6 KB a3dc71c   17 years dlawson use gzdopen() on a previuosly open()ed file, with O_LARGEFILE
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