source: lib/protocols.h @ 11c0f44

Last change on this file since 11c0f44 was 11c0f44, checked in by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>, 13 years ago
  • Added support for skipping past PPPoE headers when calling trace_get_layer3
  • Fixed byte order issues in the libpacketdump PPPoE decoder
  • Fixed PPP header definition to match the RFC definition
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 825 bytes
[a81d2fc]1/* These are protocol decoders that haven't yet seen enough use to consider
2 * their API stable enough to move into libtrace.h where they probably belong
3 *
4 * These API's are not stable enough to be exported from libtrace and used
5 * by user code
6 *
7 * These are generally used by the next higher level, so really we should
8 * be defining API's that mean that these don't need to be known by the
9 * higher level.
10 */
12/* pkt meta headers */
14/* l2 headers */
15void *trace_get_mpls_payload_from_ethernet_payload(void *ethernet,
16                uint16_t *type, uint32_t *remaining);
17void *trace_get_payload_from_ethernet(void *ethernet, 
18                uint16_t *type,
19                uint32_t *remaining);
[11c0f44]20void *trace_get_payload_from_pppoe(void *link, uint16_t *type, 
21                uint32_t *remaining);
[a81d2fc]22/* l3 definitions */
23struct ports_t {
24        uint16_t src;
25        uint16_t dst;
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