source: lib/daglegacy.h @ dd06159

Last change on this file since dd06159 was 1344aa8, checked in by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>, 14 years ago
  • Added a new format for reading NZIX-I traces, called legacynzix
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 801 bytes
[d91dd4e]1#ifndef DAG_LEGACY_H
2#define DAG_LEGACY_H
4typedef struct legacy_cell {
5        uint64_t  ts;
6        uint32_t  crc;
[23971d0]7} PACKED legacy_cell_t;
9typedef struct legacy_ether {
10        uint64_t  ts;
11        uint16_t  wlen;
[23971d0]12} PACKED legacy_ether_t;
14typedef struct legacy_pos {
15        uint64_t  ts;
16        uint32_t  slen;
17        uint32_t  wlen;
[23971d0]18} PACKED legacy_pos_t;
[e1fdc05]20typedef struct atmhdr {
21        uint32_t ts_fraction;
22        uint32_t ts_sec;
23} PACKED atmhdr_t;
25typedef struct legacy_nzix {
26        uint32_t ts;
27        uint32_t crc;
28        uint32_t len;
29        /* The padding has actually been placed in the middle of the IP
30         * header - when we read in the packet, we will move various bits
31         * of the packet around until the padding ends up here and the
32         * IP header is undivided */
33        uint8_t pad[2];         
34} PACKED legacy_nzix_t;
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