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Fix build issues on Fedora when an older version of libwandio is already installed -- basically, the fix is to be explicit about requiring the programs to link against libwandio rather than relying on the dependency being resolved automatically.

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[fdb5e98]1AM_CFLAGS=-I"$(top_srcdir)/lib" -I"$(top_srcdir)/libpacketdump" \
2        -I"$(top_srcdir)/libwandio"
3AM_CXXFLAGS=-I"$(top_srcdir)/lib" -I"$(top_srcdir)/libpacketdump" \
4        -I"$(top_srcdir)/libwandio"
6AM_LDFLAGS=-L"$(top_srcdir)/lib" -L"$(top_srcdir)/libpacketdump" \
7        -L"$(top_srcdir)/libwandio" -ltrace -lwandio
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