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  • We now use pcap_create and pcap_activate for pcap interfaces if libpcap 1.0 or later is available. This doesn't seem to make much of a difference performance-wise, as pcap_open_live was updated to use these functions anyway. This means if mmapped packet capture is available, we would have used it via pcap_open_live anyway.
  • Added a new function (trace_interrupt). Calling this function will set an internal variable which can be used to cause any blocking read_packet function to exit with an EOF. Useful for programs that are handling signals themselves and need a way to tell libtrace to stop. Prior to this, programs like tracestats would not exit on Ctrl-C if reading from a pcap interface which was not receiving any packets.
  • Updated pcap interface format to respond to trace_interrupt.
  • Optimising trace_apply_filter to minimise calls to trace_get_link_type and trace_get_packet_buffer.
  • Removed unused extern variable "form" from libtrace_int.h
  • Fixed bug with filters in the pcap interface format which would result in "invalid BPF program" error message when filter was definitely legit.
  • Updated version number to 3.0.13
  • Property mode set to 100644
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1libtrace 3.0.13
4Copyright (c) 2007-2011 The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.
5All rights reserved.
7This code has been developed by the University of Waikato WAND
8research group. For further information please see
12This directory contains source code for libtrace, a userspace library for
13processing of network traffic capture from live interfaces or from offline
16libtrace was primarily designed for use with the real-time interface to the
17Waikato DAG Capture Point software running at The University of Waikato,
18and has been since extended to a range of other trace and interface formats.
20Further information about libtrace see
22Bugs should be reported in trac at
24It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. Please
25see the included file GPL for details of this license.
27A detailed ChangeLog can be found on the libtrace wiki:
30Documentation, usage instructions and a detailed tutorial can also found
31on the libtrace wiki.
33For further information, please contact the WAND group. See
34 for details.
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