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[91600c7]1libtrace 4.0.6
[91600c7]4Copyright (c) 2007-2019 The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.
[72429bd]5All rights reserved.
7This code has been developed by the University of Waikato WAND
8research group. For further information please see
[0ae5feb]11See INSTALL for instructions on how to install libtrace.
[864bd71]13This directory contains source code for libtrace, a userspace library for
[72429bd]14processing of network traffic capture from live interfaces or from offline
[864bd71]17libtrace was primarily designed for use with the real-time interface to the
18Waikato DAG Capture Point software running at The University of Waikato,
[72429bd]19and has been since extended to a range of other trace and interface formats.
[389dd77]21In version 4.0, we have introduced an API for processing packets in parallel
22using multiple threads. See libtrace_parallel.h for a detailed description
23of the API.
25Further information about libtrace, see
28Bugs should be reported by either emailing or filing
[0e8f8cb]29an issue at
[864bd71]31It is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (GPL) version 3.
32Please see the included files COPYING and COPYING.LESSER for details of this
[389dd77]35A detailed ChangeLog can be found on the libtrace wiki:
38Documentation, usage instructions and a detailed tutorial can also found
39on the libtrace wiki.
[389dd77]41For further information, please contact the WAND group. See
42 for details.
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