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Last change on this file since 87d0a5b was a1b899f, checked in by Shane Alcock <salcock@…>, 15 years ago

Libtrace now exports the svn revision number of the distribution
Added two new RT_TYPES that signify server restarts and client connection failures.
Updated the INSTALL documentation.
Added more option combinations to synopt_report.c
The examples directory is no longer treated as EXTRA_DIST in automake

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File size: 886 bytes
[4a605a9]1LIBPACKETDUMP_DIR = libpacketdump
2TOOLS_DIR = tools
[d5a27e8]3SUBDIRS = lib $(LIBPACKETDUMP_DIR) $(TOOLS_DIR) docs examples
[47de0aa]5ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I m4
[a1b899f]6AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = 1.9 foreign
[e1f8084]8if HAS_DOXYGEN
[16143a3]9man_MANS = docs/doxygen/man/man3/trace*.3 docs/doxygen/man/man3/libtrace*.3
[a1b899f]11EXTRA_DIST=libtrace.sln libtrace.vcproj test-convert.vcproj \
[3bd0462]12                   test-format.vcproj test-pcap-bpf.vcproj
14.PHONY: docs
17        $(RM) -f aclocal.m4 compile config.* \
18                configure depcomp install-sh missing \
19                mkinstalldirs \
20                lib/ replace/  replace/
21        $(RM) -rf autom4te.cache/
[a1b899f]24        r=`svnversion -nc . | sed -e 's/^[^:]*://;s/[A-Za-z]//'` ;\
25        sed -i "s/SVN_REVISION.*/SVN_REVISION $$r/" $(distdir)/lib/
[9847b48]27if HAS_DOXYGEN
[16143a3]28docs/doxygen/man/man3/*.3: docs
[a9329cc]33install-man-hook: docs
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