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Ported to OpenBSD

Changes were mostly with header changes, although openbsd's pcap doesn't have pcap_open_dead, so we provide our own. To this end, I fixed the libreplace shit that wasn't working at all well, and ended up putting strndup.c and pcap_open_dead.c into lib/, and adding @LTLIBOBJS@ to the libtrace source file line. Seems to work fine now!

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[b24254f]2EXTRA_DIST=examples docs
5        $(RM) -f aclocal.m4 compile config.* \
6                configure depcomp install-sh missing \
7                mkinstalldirs \
8                lib/ replace/  replace/
9        $(RM) -rf autom4te.cache/
12        doxygen libtrace.doxygen
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