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1These included patches given an example of how to modify the DPDK library to
2turn on some features for the Intel 82580 Controller. These can then be enabled
3by setting the related define to 1 in the libtrace dpdk.c source file.
5For more information on the DPDK format check out the notes on the libtrace
8These can be applied from the directory a level above /DPDK using this command:
9~patch -p0 < name.patch
11dpdk_libtrace.patch - REQUIRED to build libtrace! Fixes some make settings.
13larger_ring.patch - Allow the number of buffers in the RX ring to be increased
14                  past the 4K limit. Once patched update #define NB_RX_MBUF to the
15                  increased value.
17hardware_timestamp_82580.patch - ONLY FOR THE USE WITH THE INTEL 82580 CONTROLLER
18                        Enable hardware time stamping in receive buffers.
19                        Once patched set #define HAS_HW_TIMESTAMPS_82580 to 1.
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