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1The primary authors of libtrace were:
2 * Perry Lorier
3 * Shane Alcock
4 * Daniel Lawson
5 * Richard Sanger
7Libtrace is currently maintained by the LibtraceTeam on Github:
10However, we would also like to acknowledge a number of people who have
11generously contributed bug-fixes, extensions and other improvements over the
12years. It is contributions like these that help keep libtrace relevant and
13useful to a broad community, so thanks very much.
15In no particular order, we would like to recognise:
17 * Matt Brown for getting us into Debian and keeping us up to date.
18 * Brad Cowie for packaging libtrace4 for Debian and Ubuntu.
19 * Alistair King for reporting and suggesting fixes for numerous bugs,
20   particularly in libwandio
21 * Simon Wadsworth for writing the original version of most of the OSPF code
22 * Nevil Brownlee for reporting a huge number of bugs
23 * Andreas Löf and Yuwei Wang for writing tracereplay
24 * Scott Raynel for writing most of the wireless metadata code
25 * Josef Vodanovich for writing parts of tracereport
26 * Guillaume Vu-Brugier for reporting and fixing some build errors
27 * John Dickinson for patching in support for ICMPv6
28 * Kaio Rafael and Diógenes Freitas for patching in support for OpenBSD loopback
29 * Robert Edmonds for tidying up the libpacketdump plugin install
30 * Martin Bligh for patching in support for nanosecond pcap traces
31 * Teemu Rytilahti for adding support for SIT
32 * "EaseTheWorld" for their work with improving the packet statistics API, as
33   well as reporting several bugs
34 * Richard Cziva for contributing to the DPDK support
35 * Jamie Curtis for fixing a couple of bugs many many years ago
36 * Brendon Jones for creating the original Windows DLLs and writing bits of
37   code here and there
39Apologies to anyone that we've missed out or forgotten. If you're really
40offended, fire one of us an email and we'll make sure you are added to the
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