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[fc8b322]1The primary authors of libtrace were:
2 * Perry Lorier
3 * Shane Alcock
4 * Daniel Lawson
[67b6d9e]5 * Richard Sanger
[31da9bb]7Libtrace is currently maintained by the LibtraceTeam on Github:
[31da9bb]10However, we would also like to acknowledge a number of people who have
[fc8b322]11generously contributed bug-fixes, extensions and other improvements over the
12years. It is contributions like these that help keep libtrace relevant and
13useful to a broad community, so thanks very much.
15In no particular order, we would like to recognise:
17 * Matt Brown for getting us into Debian and keeping us up to date.
[31da9bb]18 * Brad Cowie for packaging libtrace4 for Debian and Ubuntu.
19 * Alistair King for reporting and suggesting fixes for numerous bugs,
[fc8b322]20   particularly in libwandio
21 * Simon Wadsworth for writing the original version of most of the OSPF code
22 * Nevil Brownlee for reporting a huge number of bugs
23 * Andreas Löf and Yuwei Wang for writing tracereplay
24 * Scott Raynel for writing most of the wireless metadata code
25 * Josef Vodanovich for writing parts of tracereport
26 * Guillaume Vu-Brugier for reporting and fixing some build errors
27 * John Dickinson for patching in support for ICMPv6
28 * Kaio Rafael and Diógenes Freitas for patching in support for OpenBSD loopback
29 * Robert Edmonds for tidying up the libpacketdump plugin install
[67b6d9e]30 * Martin Bligh for patching in support for nanosecond pcap traces
[6450950]31 * Teemu Rytilahti for adding support for SIT
32 * "EaseTheWorld" for their work with improving the packet statistics API, as
33   well as reporting several bugs
34 * Richard Cziva for contributing to the DPDK support
[92db9e4]35 * Robert Zeh for resolving some wandio errors that were causing crashes
36 * Anthony Coddington for adding ERF provenance support and fixing a number
37   of other ERF/DAG issues
[c7f1faf]38 * Hendrik Leppelsack for reporting and fixing some errors in the tool manpages
[fc8b322]39 * Jamie Curtis for fixing a couple of bugs many many years ago
40 * Brendon Jones for creating the original Windows DLLs and writing bits of
41   code here and there
[31da9bb]43Apologies to anyone that we've missed out or forgotten. If you're really
44offended, fire one of us an email and we'll make sure you are added to the
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