Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
debian 78fe0d2   2 years salcock Add Brad's Debian packaging to repo
docs 2d7da92   12 years brendonj Started writing some documentation about how to create custom decoders …
examples ee0805a   2 years rsangerarj #30 fix missed updating sizes given to inet_ntop
Intel DPDK Patches 2138553   5 years rjs51 Updates the dpdk build system to support the lastest DPDK libraries …
lib f3e1f19   42 hours salcock Make sure we use cached framing length wherever possible
libpacketdump 055a2c9   4 months rsanger Fix for building without WANDDER The code was accidentally checking …
m4 4007dbb   3 years rsangerarj Updates the new interface to be more complete This should work around …
swig afd283a   12 years perry Add get_wire_length()
test 6d17620   6 months rsanger Updates to DPDK to build with 18.02.1 * Updates to improve backwards …
tools 47d4f8c   4 months salcock Fix various string truncation/overflow warnings Thanks gcc 8!
.gitignore 2.2 KB 21c7681   11 months salcock Add .dSYM directories for test exes to gitignore
AUTHORS 2.2 KB 35de364   4 months salcock Add Tim Dawson as a contributor 499 bytes 189f5c6   9 years perry Prefer automake 1.11 if available 22.9 KB 31111c7   4 months rsanger Fixes building DPDK with system dpdk-dev packages Now these packages …
COPYING 34.3 KB 756b8f9   2 years salcock Replace COPYING files with ones needed for LGPL
COPYING.LESSER 7.5 KB 756b8f9   2 years salcock Replace COPYING files with ones needed for LGPL
INSTALL 1.7 KB bbe691b   4 months salcock Update references to libwandio to refer to v4.0.0 Also add missing … 741 bytes 99be155   2 years salcock Don't try to distribute files that don't exist anymore
README 1.7 KB 096851a   4 months salcock Bump version number to 4.0.4 pending release
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