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The ATM_TN network simulator

Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Traffic and Network (ATM_TN) [*] is a modelling program designed to simulate the performance of large ATM networks [8,10]. The program design was formulated, and most of the program code written by research students in the Distributed Systems Laboratory at the University of Calgary in the first half of the 1990 decade. ATM_TN uses the API of the discrete event simulation program SimKit [3]. Discrete Event Simulation (DES) and SimKit are further described in Chapter 2 of this thesis.

Chapter 3 investigates the possibility of modifying ATM_TN to run IP network rather than ATM network simulations. As IP datagram headers are larger and more complex than ATM cell headers, this will increase the granularity of the events and this in turn may affect the speedup possible if parallel DES is used.


...atm_tn) [*]
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